Even though Pamela grew up in southern California, her nomadic heart had taken her to several places. She completed her BFA at Rochester Institute of Technology with a minor in literary and cultural studies. She also completed her MSc at University of Bristol.
Pamela is currently residing in Colorado. Her exhibitions includes Denver, CO; Santa Fe, NM; Laguna Beach, CA; New York City, NY; San Francisco, CA; Talkeetna, AK; Berkeley, CA; Orlando, FL; and Rochester, NY.
She participated in art festivals -- 'Clin d’Oeil' in Reims, France in 2013 and Art & Crafts 2015 in Santa Fe, NM. She also does comic conventions.
Her one-shot comic book is displayed at Big Adventure Comics. She dabs in several ways -- fashion design, murals, comic, photography, graphic & web design, and book illustration.

Pamela's passion lies in hand illustration and her style is mostly pop surrealism & mystic nature and cycles. Because American Sign Language is her first language, she has a visual and perceptual appreciation on life. Art nouveau, traveling, and languages are her inspirations.

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